The Bilinear Formula in Soliton Theory of Optical Fibers

Nando Saputra, Ahmad Ripai, Zulfi Abdullah


Solitons are wave phenomena or pulses that can maintain their shape stability when propagating in a medium. In optical fibers, they become general solutions of the Non-Linear Schrödinger Equation (NLSE). Despite its mathematical complexity, NLSE has been an interesting issue. Soliton analysis and mathematical techniques to solve problems of the equation keep doing. Yan & Chen (2022) introduced them based on bilinear formula for the case of the generalized NLSE extended models into third and fourth-order dispersions and cubic-quintic nonlinearity. In this paper, we review the form of the bilinear formula for the case. We re-observed a one-soliton solution based on the formula and verified the work of the last researcher. Here, the mathematical parameters of position α(0) and phase η are verified to become features of change in horizontal position and phase of one soliton in the (z, t) plane during propagation. In addition, we notice the soliton has established stability. Finally, for the condition Kerr effect focusing or the group velocity dispersion β2 more dominates, we present like the soliton trains in optical fibers under modulation instability of plane wave.


bilinear formulae, modulation instability, NLSE, one-soliton, optical fiber

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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